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Basics About Bees

Have you ever wondered what beetles were? Well, they’re a strange insect that has several unique characteristics. For starters, they cannot see well. They often have trouble traveling because their eyesight is so bad. Beetles have two wings. Although many beetle species can be destructive to homes, they’re helpful to the environment. In Philadelphia, it is common to encounter certain species, including powder post beetles, longhorn beetles, and ground beetles. We can get rid of all beetle species for you.

Why Do Beetles Target Homes?

In many cases, beetles are targeting a home because of something on the property. They’re not actually targeting the home. Instead, the homeowner has left firewood, leaves, or rotting wood in their backyard. As a result, the beetles were attracted to these conditions. In some circumstances, beetles will approach homes when they see bright lights coming from the home’s windows and doors.

Can Beetles Make Me Ill?

You’re likely worried about beetles making you ill, but you shouldn’t be. Although they’re a nuisance pest, they’re not dangerous to humans. Furthermore, you need to take steps to defend your property since certain species can severely damage the wood. Powder post beetles and others will destroy your home.

What Should I Do To Get Rid Of Beetles?

Ultimately, you can use numerous techniques to eradicate beetles. Still, some methods are more efficient and effective than others. If you’re searching for the most efficient and reliable beetle treatment, call us. We’ve been dealing with this pest for many years so we can get rid of them quicker than our competitors.

Could I Eradicate Beetles Myself?

You’ve likely thought about killing beetles on your own because doing so will be cheaper. Although this is an option, it isn’t a good idea. When you purchase and use DIY products, it could be hit or miss. Some are reliable and safe, but others aren’t. Wouldn’t it be easier to stick with a more reliable and safer method? If you agree, call us. We’ll take care of the issue for you.

How Long Will I Need To Wait?

When it comes to eliminating household pests, we won’t waste time. Contact us and we can respond in 48 hours or sooner.

Are Your Beetle Treatments Safe Around People And Pets?

Some exterminators use dangerous chemicals and products around their guests. Our company would never do this. All of the products we own and use are EPA-registered to guarantee we can keep our clients safe. These chemicals have been proven safe around people, pets, and plants. Furthermore, we employ high-quality exterminators who will take care of you.

How Much Is Your Beetle Treatment?

When you’ve decided to use our services, we’ll need to determine how much to charge. If the standard services are required, we will use our standard pricing protocols. As a result, the price of our service will depend on the size of your home. If special services are needed, we’ll need to examine your home more carefully before giving you a bid price. Once you’ve received the bid price, you can accept it or turn it down. We recommend obtaining free quotes and comparing your options, but we think you’ll pick us.

Can I Stop Beetles From Reaching My Home?

Unfortunately, stopping beetles from reaching your home may be impossible. Deal with any gaps or holes you find around your home to stop them from entering your home.

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