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Residential Pest Control

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Our Philadelphia PA Home Pest Management

  • Condominiums
  • Apartment complexes
  • Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Duplexes
  • High-rise apartment buildings
  • Property management firms
  • Multi-family rental units
  • Mobile homes
  • Modular homes

Our pest control company, situated in the heart of Philadelphia, employs some of the top exterminators and technicians in the industry. We take pride in what we and how we continuously give back to our community. We have several pest management packages specifically designed to target all pest infestations, including mice, spiders, termites, wasps, beetles, bed bugs, and cockroaches. Our team is fully armed with state-of-the-art technology, decades of extermination knowledge, environmental-friendly treatments, and pests approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A pest infestation is no joke. In fact, some pest infestations pose dangerous health, property damage, and environmental risks. Ignoring a minor pest problem will delay the inevitable, resulting in a full-blown infestation within months, weeks in some cases.

Environmental-Friendly Pest Management Treatment Options

Our eco-friendly pest control targets temporary and permanent rental properties, houses, flats, and mobile homes, all of which under threat by common household pests. Insects like flies, ants, mosquitoes, and ladybugs are relentless when it comes to choosing home invasion. Why do some insect species target human living spaces? For several reasons, with overwintering being the most common. Overwintering is a process that allows insects to survive throughout the harsh winter months without foraging for food. Overwintering pests utilize their stored fat for survival beginning in the early part of December.

Our Philadelphia Home Pest Management

It cannot be stressed enough, pest problems become pest infestations when they are overlooked. While some residents of Philadelphia act quickly, others procrastinate. When you procrastinate taking the appropriate measures to address a minor pest problem, you are opening up your home for more pests. It is not unusual for a pest infestation to turn into two pest infestations, meaning there are two separate insect species involved.

Our pest management solutions in Philadelphia include chemical-based, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, fumigation, and natural treatments. We continue to build our extermination arsenal daily to meet the growing challenges of pest infestations in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, a delay is not always the tenant’s or owner’s fault. In these cases, the insect culprit(s) may have been able to avoid detection. This really more common than it seems because many insect species have a natural instinct to lay low, only coming out when the household members are asleep. One such pest is the bed bug, which is notorious for its deceptive behavior.

As previously mentioned, our pest control team is comprised of the best exterminators and technicians in the nation. We hire licensed exterminators and certified technicians from all walks of life, with at least five years of experience. We take pest infestations in Philadelphia seriously because we believe it is the only way to control the insect population.

Our Philadelphia Pest Removal Service

There is nothing worse than being forced to share a home with nuisance insects. Evidence shows victims of pest infestations have reported exhibited depression and anxiety because they felt trapped inside their homes.

We do not only eradicate pest infestations but also support the victims by providing them with one-on-one in-home visits for educational purposes. We also work with state and local governments and health departments to bring awareness to the ever-increasing pest infestations in Pennsylvania and beyond.

When insects invade a building, they have several goals in mind. The first goal is generally geared toward food-foraging. The second goal is to create nests for their young, and last, but not least, finding a warm, safe place to avoid the cold winter months outdoors.

Contrary to belief, pests are intelligent. They know how to avoid human detection when it is safe to forage for food, and where the best places are inside the home to build nests. So, you are dealing with some ordinary insect or rodent, no you are dealing with much more. Some experts call these little critters “masterminds,” which could not be said better.

Breaking Down Our Philadelphia Pest Management Solutions

Our pest control solutions target every pest identified by scientists all over the world. We do not focus on just one pest species, we have our eye on them all. If you are familiar with insect species, you know they share uniqueness and differences. We initiate our pest control strategies by conducting a thorough visual inspection of the impacted home. The visual inspection can take anywhere between one to three hours to fully. During the inspection, the exterminator is looking for evidence of a pest infestation. In addition to this data, the inspector is making a list of the findings. These findings are applied to the development of a customized pest management strategy.

Unfortunately, no two pest infestations are exactly the same. What exactly does this mean? Well, it means each pest infestation has unique qualities, such as the type of insect species, the severity of the infestation, and the level of damage. All of these are crucial in the development of a unique pest control strategy.

Once the impacted home is no longer burdened by a pest infestation, we begin working on a prevention plan. Since the home’s pest barrier is severely damaged, it becomes our main target. We help the client decide the best course of action, which is generally to rebuild and update the impacted home’s pest barrier.

Our Philadelphia Pest Control Pros And Cons

We believe our Philadelphia pest control service is topnotch because it utilizes the latest extermination technologies and treatments.

Pest infestation recovery takes time for everyone involved. And, then there is always the fear of a secondary pest infestation. Our goal is to put the client and family at ease. We do this by working with them to develop an effective pest prevention plan.

We believe our pest control services play a major role in the Philadelphia insect population control agenda. Without extermination companies and contractors, Philadelphia’s insect, rodent, and arthropod population would be out the roof.

Learn more about our residential pest management by contacting our conveniently located office in the heart of Philadelphia.

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