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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding?

Bed bugs exhibit deceptive behavior to avoid human detection. Contrary to belief, the bed bug has a natural instinct to avoid detection by hiding in small crevices, mattresses, carpet fibers, bedding, and upholstery furniture. They are less commonly found hiding behind wallpaper, baseboards, floorboards, and wall décor. When bed bugs are detected in areas other than the host’s sleep quarters, a threat of a severe infestation is looming overhead.

Victims face many challenges dealing with bed bug infestations. The first challenge is related to visual detection. Since the adult bed bug is no bigger than 7 millimeters, visual detection is nearly impossible. In addition to the small size, the bed bug utilizes its natural instincts to hide away during the daylight hours. Basically, the odds of a visual bed bug sighting are extremely low or nonexistent.

Bed Bug’s Preferred Indoor Hiding Places For Pest Control Purposes

It is unfortunate for everyone involved, but bed bugs are some of the most difficult pests to combat. In fact, many Philadelphia exterminators agree bed bug infestations are the most difficult to eradicate. One of the biggest challenges victims face is searching and locating the bed bugshiding places. Make your search easier with the tips provided below:

Bed bugs exhibit nocturnal behavior, feeding after dark when the host is asleep. Set up a digital camera to record any bed bug activity in and around your bed

Place beds at least three feet away from barriers like walls to make space for CO2 traps. These traps utilize a mixture of heat and CO2 to attract the insects to a specific area for detection purposes

The human body releases CO2 into the environment during the sleep cycle. The bed bug’s natural instinct sends out an alert that it is okay to begin feeding.

Utilize clothes or floor steamer to drive bed bugs out of their hiding places. This is an effective method that requires at least 15 minutes of exposure. With 15 minutes the steam will penetrate deep into the suspected hiding place, forcing the bed bug(s) out

Utilize a space heater to attract bed bugs to a specific area. If you suspect your home is infested with these critters, you should have some idea where they are hiding. Place a space heater in the direction of the suspicious location for at least 15 minutes. If bed bugs are hiding in these areas, they will come forward within 15 to 30 minutes of the initial exposure

Contaminated clothing and bed linen should be put through a full laundry cycle utilizing the maximum temperature mode for both the washer and dryer. Bed bugs cannot survive in high temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 15 minutes of exposure

These tips will not work for everyone because each bed bug case is unique. For example, one case may consist of hundreds of bed bugs while another case has only a handful of bed bugs

Drive Bed Bugs Out Of Their Hiding Places With These Tips!

There is no doubt, the bed bug is one of the most manipulative insect species ever identified by scientists. These insects choose to go to the extreme to avoid detection after a home infiltration. It is obvious, the bed bugs are going to emerge from their hiding places at some point to feed. Otherwise, they would not survive more than a week. With this in mind, we recommend setting up traps around the perimeter of your bed. Traps utilize an adhesive to capture and contain bed bugs.

Bed bug traps are very helpful in several ways. They can be utilized as a part of the bed bug detection process to deliver the most accurate results. In addition to improved detection, glue traps can also help depopulate the bed bug colony until the exterminators are dispatched.

Bed bug infestations have been linked to depression, anxiety, and inability to sleep. Many victims have reported one or more of these symptoms after their living spaces were invaded by bed bugs.

If you cannot gain control of your bed bug problem, we highly suggest calling in the experts. Our Philadelphia pest control team is on standby waiting to take your call. We are conveniently located in the heart of Philadelphia where we have quick access to all districts and most neighborhoods.

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