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Understanding Spiders

Spiders are a unique household pest that fits into the Araneae order. There are various species of spiders, but all of them are arthropods. All spiders have eight legs but they may have eight or six eyes. Their mouths are unique since they have fangs. You’ll have to worry about this because spiders can use their fangs to inject venom into their victims. Today, the world is crawling with 40,000 identified species. However, there is a good chance that there are more species out there.

Spiders are unique pests because they can extrude silk and they use this technique to build webs that they’ll use to catch prey. Spiders can feed on an assortment of insects and other spiders. However, larger spiders accept much bigger prey, including lizards. Certain spider species are social meaning they’ll live with other spiders in communal webs. When dealing with these species, it is common for 50,000 spiders to live together.

How long do spiders live? Ultimately, it depends on their habitat. If they’re living in a protected area, they can live a long time with some surviving for more than 25 years. If they’re stuck outside in nature, they will be lucky to live two years. Adult female spiders are better than males, and male spiders are the ones you’ll likely find in your home. Males tend to roam when they’re searching for a female mate so they may accidentally enter your home.

How Dangerous Are Spiders?

Most people believe that spiders are one of the most dangerous pests on the planet. Is this a fact? No. Although some spiders are dangerous, others are not. When you look at the statistics, you’ll find that most spider bites will be harmless. Only a few spider bite victims will experience serious complications such as necrotic wounds, system toxicity, and death. You have to worry about the spider injecting venom into your body since this could be dangerous. If you get bit, it is pertinent to monitor the wound and your health. Depending on what happens, you may need to visit a medical doctor.

Why Are Spiders Entering My Home?

Spiders can decide to enter your home for one reason or another. For instance, a male spider might be searching for a female mate. Alternatively, the spider could be searching for food. You may never know why they’re in your home.

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Spiders? Should I Hire A Pest Control Expert?

If you wish to eliminate the spiders in your home, start outside. Take steps to reduce the spider population outside of your home to guarantee that they won’t enter your home. You need to eliminate their nesting places, including woodpiles and rock piles. Remove this debris and the spiders will have to go somewhere else to build webs. You’ll also want to fortify your home to keep them outside. Achieve this goal by dealing with the cracks and holes on your exterior walls.

Does Your Company Use Safe Spider Treatments?

Our company offers safe spider treatments. We would never use dangerous chemicals in your home because we want everyone to be safe. Instead, we’re going to use natural, safe products when we can. If we have to resort to conventional products, we’ll do so carefully and safely. Our company’s exterminators are going to use EPA-registered products and precise amounts. We’ll make sure that only the exact amount of chemicals are used so we can keep you and your loved ones safe. Don’t settle for less.

How Long Will It Take For Your Exterminator To Begin?

Contact our office now to schedule a visit. We will respond to your call in 48 hours or sooner.

Can I Stop Spiders From Entering My Home?

We know that you’re worried about your loved ones so you need to keep spiders outside. Well, you may never be able to achieve this goal, but you should try. Properly protecting your home can greatly reduce the risk that spiders will be able to enter your dwelling. For starters, you should clean up the debris in your yard so spiders don’t have places to build nests in your backyard. Eliminate all spider webs around your home to run them off. Finally, seal the gaps and cracks on the outside walls of your dwelling to keep them trapped outside.

Do Brown Recluse Spiders Live In Philadelphia?

Our company knows that you’re worried about brown recluse spiders since they’re one of the most dangerous spider pests. Well, you shouldn’t worry too much. Although these spiders may arrive in Philadelphia, they are rare in our area. Below, you will find facts that will put your mind at ease.

  • It is difficult to find brown recluse spiders in our area.
  • Houses that had brown recluse spiders also had shipping boxes so they likely traveled in them.
  • Brown recluse spiders are hardy so they can live almost anywhere,  including in Philadelphia.
  • There has never been a confirmed sighting of brown recluse spiders outside in our area.
  • Even when these spiders are in homes with kids and pets, nobody has been bitten.
  • Brown recluse spiders prefer staying away from humans. As long as you stay away from them, they’ll stay away from you.
  • You can purchase over-the-counter products to eliminate brown recluse spiders and other spiders.
  • These spiders do not move from one home to another.
  • While you should worry about spiders, you shouldn’t let your fear ruin your life.

Why Our Philadelphia Spider Control Services Are Better Than Others

 Living in Philadelphia exposes you to many threats that you won’t face in other parts of the world. However, that doesn’t make living in the area less desirable. After all, it is a truly great place to raise a family. Unfortunately, spiders are one of the threats that you might have to face. These critters are extremely deadly and should not be taken lightly. Yes, there are tons of spider control services in the area, but we truly believe that we possess qualities that make us the best exterminator in the area. What are these qualities?

Competitive And Affordable Rates

 Pest control is without a doubt expensive, but necessary in the Philadelphia area. This is especially true when it comes to spiders. You can’t really identify a spider without capturing it. Unsurprisingly, trying to capture a deadly spider is like playing Russian roulette. This is why the situation is best left to the pros. We completely understand this fact and that is why we are willing to offer the most affordable rates in the area. We don’t want you risking your life just because you can’t afford the solution. In addition to this, if you find a company that offers better rates than us, we will be willing to match those rates.

Properly Uniformed With Identification

 Sometimes dealing with pest control and servicemen can be risky. This is especially true when they show up in unmarked vehicles out of uniform. In these situations, you never really know who exactly you are dealing with. You could be letting some kind of thief or conman into your home. This is why our techs always show up in marked vehicles with company-issued uniforms. In addition to this, they are also required to wear name tags, so you will always know exactly who you are dealing with.

What Else Do We Offer?

 We offer numerous perks and we strive for excellence each and every day. What makes us leagues above the competition?

  • We strive to offer the cheapest prices
  • We do everything possible to get the job done right
  • We promise to keep working until the problem is solved completely
  • Our team will work on your schedule for your convenience
  • We’ll take the risks and protect you from dangerous spiders
  • We can eliminate the spiders in a reasonable amount of time

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