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Box Elder Bugs

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Is A Box Elder Bug An Insect?

Box elder bugs are indeed an insect. They’re small, black, and have small red marks on their wings. Although they might range in size, most are roughly half an inch. When they’re not trying to sneak into your home during the winter, they’re going to stay outside and enjoy feeding on Cherry trees, Ash trees, and Box Elder trees.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs Targeted My Home?

During summer and spring, you likely won’t need to worry about box elder bugs. When summer winds down, it is time to worry. Around this time, box elder bugs will try to enter your home because they’re overwintering pests. When it gets cold, box elder bugs become a nuisance for Philadelphia residents. When possible, they’ll use homes, apartment buildings, and commercial establishments to shelter from the cold weather. They’ll hide in any small crack or crevice they can find.

Are Box Elder Bugs Dangerous To Humans?

You have to worry about your health when dealing with an insect infestation. However, you can rest assured knowing that box elder bugs aren’t going to make you sick. They won’t bite and they can’t transmit diseases. Still, they’re a nuisance so removing them from your home should be a top priority.

What Methods Can I Use To Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs?

Unfortunately, boxelder bugs are difficult to remove from homes. If you try to remedy this issue without professional help, you’ll likely be disappointed with the results. To fix the problem, we recommend calling us or another professional exterminator. Working with us guarantees that you’ll be able to fix the problem before box elder bugs can turn your life upside down.

Could I Remove The Box Elder Bugs Myself?

Could you save money by dealing with your box elder bug infestation on your own? You could, but it might not be worth it. The problem is that these bugs are difficult to find and eradicate. Furthermore, some over-the-counter pest control products are dangerous and you don’t want to make your loved ones sick. OTC pest control products are not reliable and some of them are risky. Minimize the risk by calling our office today.

When Can The Extermination Begin?

Are you ready to reclaim your home? Contact our pest control experts to schedule an appointment and we can visit your home in 48 hours or less.

Will Your Box Elder Bug Treatment Make Me Sick?

We work hard to ensure that we can eradicate box elder bugs using safer solutions. When you pick us, you can guarantee that we’ll use EPA-registered products to right this wrong. EPA-registered products are essential because they’re safe around humans, plants, and pets. Our exterminators will work carefully to keep you safe during each step of the extermination.

How Do I Stop Future Box Elder Bug Infestations?

Box elder bugs have to take shelter before winter or they won’t survive. As a result, they won’t stop until they find a way to sneak into your home. Block all cracks, gaps, and holes to keep boxelder bugs outside of your home.

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