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Characteristics Of A Cockroach For Identification Purposes

Every resident of Philadelphia should have enough knowledge to identify the cockroach within seconds of the encounter. What role does identification play in the pest control process? It plays a major role because it is the basis of the pest control process. What this basically means is the pest control method is based on identifying characteristics. Just because a product is labeled “pesticide” or “insecticide” does not necessarily mean it will work for every pest infestation. Scientists have identified around 4,000 species of cockroaches, with approximately 30 of the species linked to a home invasion. There are five main cockroach species in Pennsylvania. With so many cockroach species, pinpoint the actual species can get a little complicated.

Inexperienced individuals should not concern themselves with all the specifics. Instead, it is recommended to stick to the basic, utilizing this information to make an identification of the invading insect. The basics are the cockroach characteristics, such as a dark brown body, six legs, two antennas, and head plate. Each cockroach species has unique characteristics, but size is usually the determining factor.

How Do I Know Which Cockroach Species Is Invading My Home?

It is best to narrow your options down to the most common cockroach species sightings in the state you reside. For example, the most common cockroach species sightings in Pennsylvania are the American and German species.

German Cockroach Species

The adult measures between ½” and 5/8” inches in length. The body ranges between tan and dark brown. The most unique, probably not the most noticeable characteristic is the head plate “racing stripes.” If you look very closely, you will notice the racing strips just behind the cockroach’s head. Like all cockroach species, the female German cockroach continuously breeds, producing up to 5 egg casings within a lifetime. Each egg capsule contains between 30 and 40 eggs. A house begins to show signs of an infestation within a few weeks or months of the initial cockroach infiltration. Indoors, the cockroach species can be found living in cabinet drawers. Underneath the refrigerator and stove, in garbage cans, and underneath the sink near water pipes. The German cockroach does not possess flying capabilities.

American Cockroach Species

The adult measures between 1-3/8” to 2” in length, slightly larger than the German cockroach. The body is reddish/brown, which is fairly similar across the species. Unlike the German cockroach, the head plate has a dark line running down the center. Another difference between the German and American cockroach species is the latter has flying capabilities and a longer lifespan of about two years in captivity. They can be found living in public sewage and plumbing systems. Sightings are most commonly reported in these areas by utility workers and plumbers.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach 

The adult measures between 1/2- and ¾ inches in length. The female and male do not share many of the same characteristics, such as size. The adult male can grow up to 1 inch in length while the adult female rarely if ever grows longer than ¾”. This cockroach species rarely invades human living spaces, as they prefer the outdoors. Indoor sightings are extremely rare and never involve reproduction. The adult female Pennsylvania wood cockroach species measures between ½” and ¾” The male, on the other hand,  has been recorded at 1 inch in length. Experts believe the cockroach species do not infest homes but only on very few occasions. The species is more commonly reported outdoors in decaying wooden structures, firewood piles, and piles of building materials, and near gutter downspouts. The female’s legs and body are slightly shorter than the males.

What Are The Least Common Cockroach Species Sightings In Philadelphia, PA

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroach Species

The adult measures an approximately one-third inch in length. The body is light tan in color, with black speckles scattered about. The first sightings reported were in the 1900s, as the species made its way from Europe to the United States in what experts believed were shipping crates. Home invasions are very rare among this cockroach species. They are drawn to bright outdoor lighting, which they will fly into at every opportunity.

Oriental Cockroach Species 

The adult measures between 1-1/4” inch in length. The body ranges between solid black and dark brown. The male is the only gender to develop wings. Sightings have been reported in public sewage systems, vacate buildings, landfills, garbage dumps, and other public areas. The diet is comprised of rotten organic and fecal materials, household waste, and fecal matter.

Smokeybrown Cockroach Species

 The adult has been reported at 1-1/2 inch in length, with a brownish/red color and a full set of wings. Sightings have been reported in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. They travel long distances via shipping cargo traveling from north to south.

Surinam Cockroach Species

The adult measures around ¾ in length, with a solid black head plate. The species prefers warm temperatures to cold weather any day of the week. They can be found living in or near potted plants. The species is not known to have both male and female genders like most other cockroach species.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

The adult measures up to ½ half an inch in length, with racing stripes on the head plate. The species is oftentimes confused with the German cockroach species. Both species are among the smallest cockroach species.

Why Is My Home Infested With Cockroaches?

Some, not all cockroach species are not known to invade living spaces. The cockroach species responsible for the home invasions do so through small crevices and cracks around windows and doors. Once inside the home, the cockroach will or will not reproduce, depending on the species.

Do Cockroaches Carry Diseases Or Parasites?

Cockroach species do not transmit diseases to humans or animals. However, the pests have been linked to foodborne illnesses related to food contamination. This is one insect species that does not bite, which means it is not a parasite. Cockroach species like Madagascar are utilized as feeders for bearded dragons, toads, and frogs. The species is drawn to household waste and fecal matter, as well as food scraps, and organic material. When cockroaches invade buildings, some species are not meant to hang around forever. These insects are what scientists refer to as occasional invaders. However, many cockroach species are drawn to indoors by bright lights and food sources. Cockroach-contaminated food should be disposed of promptly and properly.

How To Eradicate A Residential Cockroach Infestation In A Timely Manner?

Cockroach species that invade homes create devastation in their paths. Once they are inside the home, they immediately begin reproducing and foraging for food. Unlike many insect species, the cockroach species do not build nests. Cockroaches tend to return to the same food source time and time again by depositing pheromones nearby. This is also where they deposit their eggs and care for their young. Being close to a food source is everything for these pests. For this matter, you must eliminate the food source to eradicate the cockroach infestation. Pest control solutions, such as pesticides and thermal heat treatment work great in eradicating cockroach infestations of all severity levels. Our pest control management includes both eco-friendly and chemical-based options, all of which are effective in cockroach extermination.

When Will The Exterminator Preform The Cockroach Inspection After I Submit The Request?

It takes between 24 and 48 hours to process a cockroach inspection request. Our customer support team works around the clock to ensure quick and easy access to our pest control services. If you feel your cockroach problem is an emergency, please do not hesitate to take advantage of our emergency or same-day service option. We work extended hours to ensure access to one of the most effective cockroach extermination solutions in Pennsylvania.

Does Cockroach Pest Control Pose Health Risks To Humans?

Our pest control pesticides and eco-friendly treatments have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The agency is responsible for the oversight of pesticides in the United States. All pesticides sold within the US borders must be pre-approved by the EPA before entering the market. The EPA developed a set of guidelines and laws as part of a safety agenda to protect consumers from exposure to toxic materials found in over-the-counter and professional pest control products.

What Steps Should I Take In The Future To Protect My Home And Family From Cockroach Infestations?

Victims of cockroach infestations are traumatized by their experiences. In fact, some are so traumatized that they would do just about anything to avoid a repeat infestation. For this reason, we highly recommend to you our professional pest management service, which includes an in-home visual inspection, treatment, and prevention. We combine all of these services into a single treatment plan to maximize the outcome. Please feel free to contact our local office in Philadelphia to learn more about our extermination team, protocol, and treatment options.

Please free free to contact our extermination team with any questions you may have about our pest control prevention. We understand you are concerned about a repeat infestation. This is normal since pest infestations are traumatizing to everyone involved.

Why Philadelphia Residents Are Raving About Our Cockroach Control Services

 Residents of Philadelphia already know that cockroaches are without a doubt one of the most feared insects in the area. While they might not be as psychically intimidating as a spider, they certainly pose some serious health and mental risks. They are known for carrying all kinds of diseases and leaving nasty droppings everywhere. Do not worry. We are a local pest control company that offers the solutions that you need. In fact, the local residents are already raving about our services. What makes us so great?

We Provide Real Referrals

 Have you ever wanted to know how a company operated before you hired them? Sure, you can go online, do research, and read reviews. What does this really tell you? You can even read customer testimonials online, but how do you know that these are real? This is just one of the things that makes us different. We are willing to provide any skeptical customer with real contact information for some of our previous customers. You can call them first and ask about the services that we provided them in the past.

We Are Properly Insured

 Insurance is a must when hiring any company. However, not just any insurance will do. You need to make sure that the company has insurance that will protect you in the event that something goes wrong. This is exactly why we carry errors and omissions insurance. Our insurance will protect you against any financial loss that you might experience at our hands. For insurance, if our treatment ruins something in your home our errors and omissions insurance will pay to have the damage repaired. Of course, this hardly ever happens. Nevertheless, we just want our customers to know they are protected.

What Else Makes Them Rave?

 We strive to maintain the highest quality control standards. We believe that we are leagues above our competition. Some of the benefits that you’ll receive when selecting us can be found below.

  • Every tech on our team is licensed and certified
  • We try our best to offer great prices
  • We offer 24/7 service which is back with guarantees
  • Green treatment options available are available
  • We make sure that the client and their family will be protected
  • We will not hesitate to give quotes or references

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 When dealing with such an issue, you need to understand that we are here for you. We have the skills, experience and tools needed to eliminate the pests within the shortest period of time. Get in touch with us when you’re serious about reclaiming your home.

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