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Eco-Friendly Treatments

No matter which way you turn, a pest is lurking around every corner. Unfortunately, most people go through life not giving these rodents and insects a second thought. On the upside, many people can go through life without experiencing a single pest encounter while others are plagued by pests. Whatever the case may be, there comes a time when singles, families, couples, and families are faced with the decision to seek professional pest control assistance or go the DIY route.

When you are faced with this decision, it is crucial to consider your options. You are new to the Philadelphia pest control industry, you must not know your options, which include an array of treatments. Depending on your circumstances, concerns, budget, location, and preferences, our environmental-friendly pest control may be the solution.

EPA-Approved Pest Control Management In Philadelphia

Our pest control arsenal consists of eco-friendly treatments utilizing naturally-occurring chemicals. This option is ideal for property owners with environmental concerns related to the chemicals found in over-the-counter and commercial-grade pesticides.

Our green-friendly pest management solutions do not rely on chemicals associated with climate change. We believe in doing our part in protecting the environment by offering our clients a full array of pest control options.

Depending on the culprit(s), your options may be limited. For example, thermal heat pest control is only ideal for bed bugs, termites, fleas, and beetles. Cryonite, on the other hand, is ideal for bed bugs, cockroaches, and beetles.

Our Philadelphia Green-Friendly Pest Management Solutions

Environmental-friendly pest control is gaining in popularity at a rapid pace. Thanks to public awareness, consumers are learning about the dangers of improperly stored, administered, transported, and handled pesticides. When you opt for eco-friendly treatments, these risks totally evaporate because they do not utilize chemicals.

To learn more about our chemical-free, non-toxic, pest control treatments, you can speak with one of our licensed exterminators by contacting our Philadelphia office. Remember, we are only a phone call away from regaining control of your home.

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