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More About Rodents

Rodents are common pests in Philadelphia. Once they sneak inside of your home, you won’t be able to get rid of them easily. Although your area is home to many species of rats and rodents, the most common rat species in our area are Norway rats and roof rats. Many rodents are commensal rodents so they’ll enter and live in your home. It is essential to learn more about the rats that could enter your home and turn your life upside down. When comparing Norway rats and roof rats, the former is slightly larger. They have an average body length of 7 to 9 inches with 6 to 8-inch tails. Their droppings are roughly three-quarters of an inch.

If you’re worried that you have Norway rats in your home, you should carefully check your home for droppings. You can also search for claw marks and burrows. As the name suggests, roof rats like living in the upper portion of residential dwellings. As for roof rats, they are slightly smaller with the largest reaching up to 8 inches. Their droppings are roughly half an inch.

Are Mice, Rats, And Rodents Dangerous?

Unfortunately, these pests are dangerous. If you have rodents or mice in your homes, getting rid of them quickly is highly recommended. Failing to do so could lead to serious issues in the future. There is a risk that your food is going to get contaminated and it could make you sick. Never consume food that has been contaminated by rodents.

How Can I Eliminate Rats, Mice, And Rodents?

Rats are difficult to handle because they’re large and fast. Once they’ve entered your home, getting rid of them will be too difficult for the average resident. We offer a rat program to help deal with this situation. We can help you eradicate the rats in your home as quickly and safely as humanely possible.

Can I Eliminate Mice, Rats, And Rodents Myself?

Unfortunately, the rodent removal process is complex and potentially dangerous. If you use the wrong chemicals and mix them improperly, you’re going to put yourself at significant risk. You need to work with us because we’re going to fix this problem for you. We offer cost-effective solutions to this complex issue. Remember that rodent baits and poisons are dangerous so it is best to avoid them.

When Can Your Rat Removal Procedure Begin?

Schedule an appointment with us today. We can respond to your call within 48 hours.

Is Your Rat Treatment Safe?

Our rat treatment is indeed safe for everyone involved. When you put your faith in our company, you can rest assured knowing we’re going to protect you every step of the way. We offer comprehensive treatment services that use EPA-registered products. These products have been tested extensively so they’re not dangerous to pets or humans.

Can I Prevent Rodents From Entering My Home?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You’ll never be able to stop rodents from entering your property. You might be able to stop them from entering your home by eliminating entry points.

Why Our Philadelphia Mice, Rat Removal Services Are So Great

 If you are located in the Philadelphia area, we don’t have to tell you how destructive rats and mice are. In fact, with the recent outbreak in the area there is probably a good chance you are currently dealing with an infestation. Not only are these critters extremely destructive, but also they carry tons of known diseases. You will find that there are tons of qualified removal companies in the area. We truly believe that our company stands out amongst the competition. After you see what we have to offer you will have no choice but to agree.

Educating Our Customers

 Rat and mice control aren’t just about placing traps with cheese on them. If you want to eliminate the problem effectively you are going to have to know how to properly place traps and how rats are getting into the home. Rats often enter the home through cracks in the outside of the home, in the crawlspace, or even in the attic. If you do not seal these holes, the critter is just going to keep coming back. This is where we can help. We will fill these holes and give you tips to prevent future infestations.

Affordable Solutions

 We know that pest control isn’t cheap. Yes, it is way more enticing to run to the hardware store, buy some spring traps, and place them around the home. However, rats and mice are much smarter than what you think. They have learned to evade traps and stay away from danger. The longer you let the critter roam free in your home the more damage they are going to do. In the long run not calling the pros might end up costing you more money. We know pest control is expensive, but we are without a doubt one of the most affordable providers in the area. We offer the most affordable rates and are willing to work with any customer.

Other Reasons For Our Greatness

 We stand out from the competition for many years. Some of the most notable will be provided below.

  • Our firm is licensed and certified
  • We constantly retrain our techs to get the best results
  • We are happy to use the latest technology
  • We can help you prevent future infestations
  • We strive to be the most affordable in the area
  • We offer more humane removal solutions
  • Our company offers around the clock service

Call Us Right Away

 If you hear scurrying in the night and are finding rat droppings randomly around the home, you need to know that you can reach out to us anytime of the day or night. We always have emergency techs standing by ready to assist.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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