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What Is Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatment In Philadelphia

As a resident of Philadelphia, you must always be concerned about pest infestations. With the increasing reports of bed bug infestations throughout Pennsylvania and other US states, it is crucial to stay one step ahead of pests at all times.

Our pest control lineup includes thermal heat, a treatment that relies on temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, large heaters, powerful fans, and ductwork. We create a separate environment for infested rooms to prevent the further spread of the infestation into the home.

How Does The Thermal Heat Application Eradicate Bed Bugs?

Thermal heat is by far one of our most popular eco-friendly pest control solutions. It combines 100+ degrees Fahrenheit and a naturally-occurring chemical known as diatomaceous earth into a single treatment to deliver near-instant eradication of bed bugs in all phases of the life cycle.

We have discovered that thermal heat has amazing permeation capabilities, allowing it to penetrate various types of materials. This capability permits access to hard-to-reach places, where bed bugs like to lay low during the day. If you do not know already, bed bugs exhibit nocturnal behavior, feeding at night and resting during the daylight hours. The bed bug is not a nocturnal insect species, it just exhibits the behaviors, all of which are part of an effort to avoid human detection.

As previously mentioned, thermal heat extermination penetrates deep into various materials, including wood, carpet fibers, upholstery, and plastic. This capability plays a major role in the extermination process, by making contact with adult bed bugs, as well as their larvae and eggs. This is rarely seen in the pest control industry, which is why thermal heat is gaining a lot of attention from exterminators around the globe.

Is Thermal Heat The Most Powerful Extermination Weapon Against Bed Bug Infestations?

Many exterminators seem to think it is, but there is not enough evidence to validate this claim. We do like the fact that thermal heat penetrates hard-to-reach bed bug hiding places. Within 15 minutes of exposure, the bed bugs will gradually stop breathing.

Eradicating pests like bed bugs is a complex process that takes time, patience, manpower, and a powerful pest control solution. There are two green-friendly bed bug extermination alternatives – Cryonite and steam.

Thermal Heat Pest Control Monitoring

Exterminators believe it is crucial to evaluate their work through visual inspections and reports from the impacted home’s occupants. It is also just as, if not more important to monitor the progress of active extermination treatments.

We believe active monitoring is important during thermal heat treatment. Thermal heat monitoring because the second the treatment is initiated, continuing until satisfactory results are reached. We utilize temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit over a two-hour period to reach the maximum results.

If a client opts for thermal heat treatment to eradicate a bed bug infestation, we immediately open up about the potential risks. One particular risk that comes to mind is the shrinkage of wooden structures. Prolonged thermal heat exposure may cause permanent structural damage to your home. To minimize these risks, we can direct the thermal heat accordingly, while protecting pest-free areas from any potential exposure and infestation spreading.

Why We Recommend Vacating Prior To Thermal Heat Treatment Is Initiate?

If bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 15 minutes, how are humans and animals supposed to survive as well? There are just too many health and safety risks involved in permitting a family to remain in the impacted home during thermal heat treatment.

We strongly recommend a day trip to the city park or other outdoor activity while the treatment continues. The treatment generally runs over a two-hour period or until we believe the maximum results have been reached.

If you have any questions or concerns about our bed bug thermal heat pest management solution, do not hesitate to contact our local office. We will gladly go over the process, answer your question, and put your mind to ease.

Remember, you are only a phone call away from one of the top bed bug pest control treatments available to the public. We highly recommend thermal heat to treat bed bug infestations because it is effective against adult bed bugs, larvae, and eggs.

We are here to assist you in eliminating your bed bug problem in the shortest duration possible.

What Philadelphia Residents Need To Know About Our Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatments

 We don’t need to tell Philadelphia residents what a hindrance bedbugs can be. Due to the recent influx of the insects in the area there is a good chance that you have already dealt with them or are currently dealing with them. This is why our team of extermination professionals has decided to add thermal heat treatments to our toolbox. We can say without a doubt that thermal heat treatment is one of the most effective and efficient ways to eliminate bed bugs from any home or office.

Why Would Residents Opt For Heat Treatments?

 The number one reason that anyone would want to choose heat treatment over the other treatment options is the simple fact that it is effective. Not only does it quickly kill out bed bugs, but also it can remove entire infestations in just two hours. When you combine this with the fact that the treatment is non-toxic and it doesn’t pose and threat to kids or pets, you are truly looking at the miracle treatment for bed bugs.

How Does Our Thermal Heat Treatments Work

 Thermal heat might sound like a complicated process, but in the end it really is simple. It is a well-known fact that bed bugs cannot survive once they are exposed to extreme heat. When their bodies are exposed to temperatures of 140 degrees F or higher they just wither up and die. Basically, our treatment involves bringing in special machines to raise the temperature in the home to 180 degrees F. Our techs will monitor the temperature in each room and make sure that it never drops and we will continually apply this amount of heat for two hours.

Just How Effective Is This Type Of Treatment

 This treatment is 100 percent effective and we are willing to stand behind that statement. There are only rare cases when some bed bugs might live. For instance, if a bed bug might be able to escape the home before being exposed to the heat it will live and it might even return. This sometimes can be a real problem in apartments and condos. When it comes to other buildings that are not attached heat is without a doubt a go-to solution for eliminating bed bugs. Just keep in mind that it is extremely rare that bed bugs escape, but we just want to make it known that it is entirely possible.

This is why we always schedule follow up visits with our clients. After the first initial treatment our techs will show back up weeks later just to ensure that the problem has been completely eliminated.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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