Heat Treatment

What Philadelphia Residents Need To Know About Our Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatments

 We don’t need to tell Philadelphia residents what a hindrance bedbugs can be. Due to the recent influx of the insects in the area there is a good chance that you have already dealt with them or are currently dealing with them. This is why our team of extermination professionals has decided to add thermal heat treatments to our toolbox. We can say without a doubt that thermal heat treatment is one of the most effective and efficient ways to eliminate bed bugs from any home or office.

Why Would Residents Opt For Heat Treatments?

 The number one reason that anyone would want to choose heat treatment over the other treatment options is the simple fact that it is effective. Not only does it quickly kill out bed bugs, but also it can remove entire infestations in just two hours. When you combine this with the fact that the treatment is non-toxic and it doesn’t pose and threat to kids or pets, you are truly looking at the miracle treatment for bed bugs.

How Does Our Thermal Heat Treatments Work

 Thermal heat might sound like a complicated process, but in the end it really is simple. It is a well-known fact that bed bugs cannot survive once they are exposed to extreme heat. When their bodies are exposed to temperatures of 140 degrees F or higher they just wither up and die. Basically, our treatment involves bringing in special machines to raise the temperature in the home to 180 degrees F. Our techs will monitor the temperature in each room and make sure that it never drops and we will continually apply this amount of heat for two hours.

Just How Effective Is This Type Of Treatment

 This treatment is 100 percent effective and we are willing to stand behind that statement. There are only rare cases when some bed bugs might live. For instance, if a bed bug might be able to escape the home before being exposed to the heat it will live and it might even return. This sometimes can be a real problem in apartments and condos. When it comes to other buildings that are not attached heat is without a doubt a go-to solution for eliminating bed bugs. Just keep in mind that it is extremely rare that bed bugs escape, but we just want to make it known that it is entirely possible.

This is why we always schedule follow up visits with our clients. After the first initial treatment our techs will show back up weeks later just to ensure that the problem has been completely eliminated.