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Although it depends on the circumstances, you may be able to eliminate a small bedbug infestation by using pesticides. However, it is pertinent for exterminators to follow precise protocols to guarantee satisfactory results. Ultimately, exterminators need to visit and treat the same home multiple times. A research study was carried out at Purdue University to determine what was needed to eliminate bedbugs using pesticides.

The study found that bedbug exterminators need to visit the home at least twice. Furthermore, they need to wait for several days before visiting the home the second time. We’ve considered this information when assembling our protocols. We use the following protocols to ensure we can deliver satisfactory results to our clients.

  • We visit the home twice to inspect for bugs and treat bedbugs
  • We’ll visit a third time to see if your home still has bedbugs. If necessary, we’ll treat the home again.
  • When using our conventional treatments, we leave a maximum of three weeks between visits to ensure that all bedbug eggs have hatched.

Working with us the best way to ensure that your bedbugs are eliminated. We use safe solutions to eliminate bedbugs. We only use the precise amount of pesticides needed to guarantee total extermination.

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Conventional Treatment

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