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Top Place Bed Bugs Hide

If bed bugs have become known for anything over the years, it has to be their innate ability to hide. These creatures are no doubt cunning, sly, and effective in their approach. They’ll hide right in plain sight and feed on you without you even suspecting it. If there are no signs or symptoms of feedings, it could be months before you even suspect a bed bug infestation. By this time, the infestation will be so widely spread that you’ll have no choice but to turn to professionals. This is why it is best to hit the situation head-on. And, the very best way to do just that is by learning where bed bugs like to hide. There are more places that you’d suspect and some of them are completely different than what you’d ever imagined.

Box Springs And Mattresses

Given the name of the beast, it is not uncommon to imagine bed bugs hiding in your box springs and mattresses. These critters like to be near their hosts where they can feed easily and quickly without being seen. Box springs and mattresses provide the perfect ground for this activity. Combine this with the fact that human beings spend a third of their lives sleeping and it is easy to see why bed bugs choose to take up residence in a mattress or box springs. It actually only makes sense.

Bedding Or Linen

If bed bugs like mattresses and box springs, why wouldn’t they like bedding or linen? They do and that’s why they hide in it. The only good thing about linen is, it’s much easier to spot an infestation. Just check your sheets for brown or red stains, exoskeletons, or eggs. These could all be signs that you are dealing with an infestation.

Rugs And Carpets

Rugs and carpets might not seem like the best two choices for a bed bug residence. You would be right about that, but unfortunately, they do provide just enough room. They offer just enough coverage for a bed bug to feel safe, but the real kicker is, most of the time, carpets and rugs are installed in bedrooms or other highly-traveled areas where human hosts will readily be available.


How many tales have you heard about someone bringing home a piece of used furniture to only discover later that it was infested with bed bugs? Probably more times than you’d like to mention. Unfortunately, this is something that’s all too common in the pest industry. This is because a piece of furniture is not only the perfect hiding spot for a bed bug, but it provides thousands of other perfect hiding spots. Check under the armrests, the legs, the skirting, the pads, and so on. There are tons of hiding spots within this one piece of furniture. While couches aren’t often installed in a bedroom, there are some people that will install furniture in the bedrooms. And, couches are used for naps and sleeping.

Locations That Might Surprise You

Just the name of the insect alone makes the above-mentioned locations seem likely. Well, there are some hiding places that bed bugs will take up that do seem off-the-wall. It is knowing these locations that can make the difference between large and small infestations. This, of course, along with knowing how to properly eliminate the create and react.


More and more travelers are bringing home bed bug infestations and this is because luggage provides the perfect breeding grounds. A piece of luggage is like a piece of furniture in the fact that it offers thousands of additional hiding places. Any bug staying in a hotel room can quickly and easily hitch a ride on a piece of luggage. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by learning and adhering to the Sleep theory.

Wall Decor

Speaking of off-the-wall hiding locations, would you imagine that there would be bed bugs hiding in that beautiful piece handing above your bed? Unfortunately, this is a real possibility. Bed bugs are attracted to dark, warm spaces and that is exactly what most paintings offer.


Got a couple of classic novels that you love to delve into every once in a while? Unfortunately, that might be something that changes after a major infestation. Given the dark and warm nature, bed bugs will cuddle right up in a good book and make it a place of residence. The only thing is, you won’t find them on the pages. You will, however, find them in the spine area.


Nightstands probably don’t come as a huge surprise, given that they are usually located in bedrooms and offer a plethora of additional hiding places. They have drawers, usually cluttered, and are dark. When you think about it, they make the perfect inviting environment for bed bugs.


The average home today is filled with at least one thousand dollars worth of electronics easy. TVs, smartphones, gaming systems, computers, modems, routers, and so on. While most people see these items as essentials, they can be destroyed by bed bugs. Bed bugs will get inside them and mess with the circuit boards, causing them to short out. With the costs of these devices, this is something that you do not want to occur. In addition to this, the bedrooms are rooms that will likely contain the highest concentration of electronics. TVs, alarm clocks, phones, and more, you’ll find them all in bedrooms.

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