I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

You’ve found a bedbug or two in your home and you’re concerned that something bad is going on, but you’re not sure. Spotting just one bedbug should be a major concern because it can create serious issues for homeowners. One pregnant female bedbug can create a full-blown infestation in your home and you may not realize it until it is too late. Although you’re confident it is only one or two bedbugs, it could be more.

They could be hiding in your mattress or your bed frame. It might be a pregnant female. You never know how severe the problem is until it is too late. Once you’ve found more bedbugs hiding nearby, you need to contact a qualified exterminator so it can assemble a plan to fix it. Don’t rush the process though. Make sure you obtain multiple quotes from several local exterminators first.

Why You Should Worry About A Few Bedbugs

Although a stray bedbug might’ve entered your home, this would be too easy. It is likely a bigger problem, but you’re not aware of it yet. The problem is that bedbugs live with other bedbugs. They rarely travel alone. If you find one or two bedbugs, countless other bedbugs have likely been living in your home. In addition to this, you cannot ignore the problem of pregnant bedbugs. If a female bedbug enters your home, she may lay as many as 500 eggs during her life.

Even if she is alone, she could turn your life upside down. If she stays in your home and lays eggs, she can cause a full-blown infestation quickly. You may be tempted to ignore the problem or using DIY treatments to fix it, but you shouldn’t. You cannot ignore it because it is only going to worsen. Find a local exterminator who can deal with the problem quickly.

Why You’ll Have Trouble Spotting Bedbugs

Unfortunately, you’re going to have problems spotting bedbugs for several reasons. First and foremost, bedbugs do not like being seen. They will stay away from humans and remain hidden during the day. Once you’ve decided to go to sleep for the night, bedbugs will emerge and attack you. Bedbugs know that their survival depends on staying hidden from humans. As a result, they’re going to stay hidden until the lights go out.

They stay close to your bed so they can feed on your blood while you’re sleeping. Another problem is that you may not experience any symptoms after being bit by bedbugs.

Verifying It Is A Bedbug

Before calling an exterminator, you need to make sure that you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation. The problem is that some people will mistake bedbugs for cockroach nymphs, fleas, and even carpenter bees. Once you’ve found bugs in your home, you should judge them based on their size and shape. Bedbugs are reddish-brown with more never reaching 10mm in length. They have small antennas and six legs.

What To Look For

If you’re worried that bedbugs have invaded your home, you need to look around and confirm it. To do so, you need to make sure that you consider the following factors.

  • Smell It – First and foremost, you’ll want to smell your bedroom. Is it unpleasant and musty? If so, it could be bedbugs.
  • Blood Spots – When a well-fed bedbug has been crushed, it will leave a bloodstain on your sheets. Check your sheets for blood spots to confirm you have a bedbug infestation.
  • Skin Or Exoskeleton – Bedbugs shed their exoskeletons so you’ll be able to find them in your bedroom. The exoskeletons look like bedbugs but they’re almost translucent.
  • Check For Eggs – Bedbugs reproduce rapidly so you’ll be able to find bedbug eggs and casings around your home.
  • Excrement – Since bedbugs eat a lot, they have to use the bathroom regularly too. You need to check your home for fecal matter since this can confirm that you have a problem.
  • Check Yourself – Finally, check yourself. Look at your arms and back to see if you have signs of bedbug bites.

Searching Your Dwelling For Bedbugs

Before calling an exterminator, you may want to make sure that you have a problem. To do that, you should carefully check your home for adult bedbugs. Some of their favorite hiding places include mattresses, bed frames, and bedding. With that being said, you should remove the bedding from your bed and begin searching it thoroughly.

You’ll also need to drag your bed away from the wall so you can determine whether bedbugs are living in your bed and bed frame. If you can’t find bedbugs in your bed, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Check your clothes, luggage, and suitcase. Bedbugs often hide in these items as well. If you find any bedbugs or signs of bedbugs, call a professional exterminator.

When To Call A Professional Exterminator

You’ve confirmed that bedbugs have been living in your home. Unfortunately, you likely won’t be able to fix the problem on your own. Over-the-counter extermination products are ineffective and unsafe. You shouldn’t expose your loved ones and pets to these dangerous chemicals since it could lead to bigger issues. Instead, you need to team up with a qualified pest control expert. Be sure to obtain multiple quotes before signing the contract.


Is It Only One Bedbug?

Ultimately, one bedbug could wander into your home. When riding on the bus, a bedbug might’ve entered your bag. When you got home, they exited and you found them. Although this could happen, it doesn’t happen often. If you find one bedbug, likely, there are more nearby.

How Should I Deal With One Bedbug?

If you find one bedbug in your home, you should call a professional exterminator. Unless you can confirm that it is only one bug, you need professional help. Don’t delay because the problem will rapidly worsen.

How Many Bedbugs Will It Take To Make An Infestation?

An infestation could include any number of bedbugs. It could be twenty, one hundred, or five hundred.