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Everything You Should Know About Bed Bugs

In the past, it was believed that bed bugs were on the verge of extinction and were quickly becoming a thing of the past. In recent times, Philadelphians have learned first hand that this wasn’t the case. Although this specific city hasn’t been hit as hard as some of the other areas, Philadelphians have experienced their own fair share of infestations. In order to better understand this specific problem, it is a good idea to read the information below.


Explosion In 2015


Although Philadelphia is definitely a clean and well-maintained city, bed bugs still find a way to become a problem. This is the case, because bed bugs are not associated with filth and uncleanliness, which is often true for cockroaches. Instead, these creatures are very similar to a contagious disease. Once a single apartment has been infested, the bugs will rapidly spread throughout the entire building. This become evident in September of 2015, when a photograph emerged and showed bed bugs crawling around inside of a SEPTA bus.


This photograph was shared an abundance of times and reignited the fears of residents in the area. Although bed bugs are definitely not fun, they’re not nearly as dangerous as you might expect.


Not Necessarily Dangerous


Now, you should understand that bed bugs are not known to be dangerous. Unlike cockroaches and rodents, these bugs have not been associated with the transmission of disease or illness. Although this may not provide a lot of reassurance, you can rest assured knowing that encounter bed bugs or being bitten will generally not be overly problematic. Of course, bed bugs are consistent bitters and feed on human blood.


This makes them incredibly problematic for humans. The bugs are not nocturnal, but they tend to behave in a similar manner. Once you’ve shut out the lights for the night and have put yourself to bed, the bugs will begin to emerge. They’ll cover your body and bite your skin. You may or may not know it that night, but you definitely will in the morning. Although the bites are not necessarily dangerous, they can be very itchy and could lead to infections.




When attempting to eradicate bed bugs in your Philadelphia home, you will have several options at your disposal. If you decide to work with a professional exterminator, you’ll be offer two primary solutions. First, the professional may offer you a low price solution, which consists of utilizing chemical sprays. Although these chemicals can be effective, with repeated sprays, they’re not your best bet and could be harmful to you and your family members.


On the other hand, you will also be able to choose heat treatments. This option is truly the most effective, although the professional bed bug exterminator may charge slightly more. Heat treatments are entirely safe, much more convenient and can eliminate all of the bed bugs from your home on the first try.




All in all, Philadelphians need to be well aware of the progressive worsening of the city’s bed bug problem. Be sure to know precisely how to behave, if your home becomes a target!


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