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Philadelphia is ranked the 5th most populous American city. Most Philadelphians call their beautiful city “Philly”, because it sounds cool and is much easier to pronounce. This city holds a significant historical value, since it plays a huge role in the birth of the nation. It is filled with museums, universities, architecture that will amaze, even the smallest visitor. If you are planning a family vacation this summer, you should definitely keep Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in mind.

Old City District

If you are a history enthusiast, you will definitely want to spend some time in the Old City district. This historical area is filled with landmarks that have been mentioned in every American textbook. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Constitution Hall are located in this neighborhood. This is a very diverse area, where everything is bustling at every corner. You will find a select number of galleries, restaurants, and clubs that will fill your tummy and keep you entertained during the late night hours.


While Philadelphia is known for its cold, snowy winters, it has a very human subtropical climate. Temperatures during the summer months will range anywhere from 69-85 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is not unusual to see 90 or higher. Many tourists prefer to visit Philly during late spring, because the weather is more pleasant and less human. If you truly want to enjoy your trip, you should schedule it for late spring or fall, so that you can spend some time outdoors sightseeing.

Traveling Through the City

Philadelphia is a very congested city with an occasional gridlock. While there are several bus lines for you to take advantage of, you will find walking in the city is truly enjoyable. In fact, you can leisurely walk through the streets, without being plagued with lots of foot traffic. There are several small shopping malls and galleries that you can visit along your way.

Giant Model of The Human Heart

During your visit to Philadelphia, you have to make sure you check out the giant model of the human heart. This is truly an incredible sight that you make you look at the human autonomy differently. The giant model is located in the Franklin Institute, which is just one amazing attraction that you can check out during your visit here. This science museum was open in 1824 and offers hand on learning for children of all ages.


Philadelphia is a beautiful city that has something to offer the young and old. Your entire family will learn lots of historical facts about America, when you visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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